Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to you all from all of us involved in The Christmas Waltze!

It's been quite a ride :) and it's just begun.. We thank you so much for being with us and your support.. we also hope you continue to enjoy waltzing this Christmas and beyond!!

For your enjoyment here is a playlist of all our videos compiled through December, including the official music video, live performances, remixes, and the story of! :)

Wishing you all much love and warm wishes for the season from Phil & Jan Xx

Step, 2, 3... right, 2, 3... I'm left with Memories..   (single tear)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

In Pictures

It's The Christmas Waltze in Pictures!!

Well, it's been a fabulous lead up to Christmas and many, many thanks for following our journey!

here are some pictures that have been taken along the way -

You can still download The Christmas Waltze here

Merry Christmas to you all!!! Phil x

Monday, December 22, 2014

Autumn Leaves...

'After the Autumn Leaves.. I put on my ole Jim Reeves'

As you will know from hearing the song, this is the first line of 'The Christmas Waltze'.

This line was written after an association of thought, when thinking about Christmas arriving, the Autumn leaving.. listen to Jim Reeves every Christmas.. and the song itself 'The Autumn Leaves'.

A beautiful standard from way back in 1945, originally written in French "Les feuilles mortes" meaning dead leaves. It was subsequently re written in English and recorded by many many, classic artists such as Nat King Cole, Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, the list goes on... but, to my disappointment, not Jim Reeves... Then I recalled an amazing version from one of my other heroes and big influences Jerry Lee Lewis :)

So for your delight here is that fab version, play it Killer! and... also me and my tamer piano version of 'The Christmas Waltze' :)

Hope you enjoy, Phil x

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Louvin Brothers - 6 degrees of Musical Separation

Jan writes . . .

Phil’s always raving about relatively obscure singers in the country genre - the Louvin brothers being one pair who next year, (posthumously), will be honoured at the 2015 Grammys.

So here’s my 6 degrees of musical separation for today’a Christmas Waltze blog . . 

I lived in Tennessee for a long time and worked sometime with The Project, a Nashville based duo Dustin Michael and Robert Bond who cleverly mixed electronica with various unexpected genres of music.
Being so excited about the project (The Project)  I got my brother Nigel to play guitar and Chico Freeman to play sax on several tracks ( I was playing keys on quite a few.)Here is one of the tracks called ‘Yesterday’s King’ featuring no other than Charlie Louvin on vocals and Nigel Pulsford on fabulous guitars,  Moe Denham on Hammond and Robert Bond on Drums.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

George Perks

To mix the Christmas Waltze, I asked a great up and coming guy I know.. For one so young, he already has a lot of experience in engineering, producing, mastering and the art of mixing.

George Perks (or as far as Jan's concerned.. Greg!.. In her defence, she is yet to meet him and for some reason prefers Greg haha)... based in the south east of the UK.. started playing in bands as a teenager.. went on to study sound engineering in Norwich, Norfolk.. and currently produces and engineers bands/artists at Punch studios in Ipswich Suffolk.

Learn more by hearing what George had to say when I met him at Punch Studios -

George did a wonderful job of mixing The Christmas Waltze and we're very happy with the results which you can all hear here, Happy Waltzing! Phil x

Friday, December 19, 2014

Meet Za Beeba Man

So... who is Carl 'Beeba' Best?

Well.. he's a dam fine chap, one of my besties and all round musical creator.

He's also the guy that has brought us 2 very unique remixes of The Christmas Waltze which we love!
Thanks CarlE!!
you can find his remixes here, play and download -

Here's a bit more in depth on him.. and check out the Get To Know Beeb video! :)

Carl Best aka Beeba is a Suffolk based musician, producer, singer songwriter and freelance artist.
Working under the banner Beeba Productions, Carl specialises in Digital imagery, Photography, Design, Music production, Remixes and  song writing with many years experience in these creative fields.
Having purchased a guitar in his youth he has been producing music for the last 20 years and performing live for the last 10.
Likes cheese : favourite. Cheddar
Carl is currently working not only on solo material but with his band 99Echoes as well as  folk rock collective Busking for Breakfast.
Now working with Ambiel music on forthcoming releases and collaborating with various other artists, Beeba is continually trying to push not only his sonic boundaries but also to bring his sounds to a far wider audience.
Loves animals. Favourite. Sharks or crocs, can't decide.
With a dislike for pigeon holes and a penchant for sound manipulation, Beeba produces Electro/Pop/Punk/Alternative/Indie/Jungle with a little gravel thrown in.
Inspiration wise, strong beats, intelligent song writing, guitars, harmony and distortion are key components to the Beeba psyche and sound.
Hit me up for Remix or collaborational proposals :)
Be happy.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Waltzing at Woodbridge Wines

Howdy Waltzing Partners - We'll be waltzing at Woodbridge Wines Friday 19th December 3PM ... Hope you can join us for some mulled wine and music . .

Alex and Carl will be joining Phil ... thanks to Richard and Woodbridge Wines for hosting the event. See you on the Thoroughfare at 3PM

We are also hoping to have a special guest collecting for her year long 'Mission Possible" - Mandy will be dancing the Christmas Waltze in memory of Poppy

Meanwhile keep clicking and sharing the video -  in between waltzing of course - the more you click the more people get to hear the song!

Keep on Waltzing!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

17: Ben's Spinning and Grinning rejig

We’ve had some great remixes of the Christmas Waltze and today are featuring this rejig by Ben Osborne who managed to turn the Christmas Waltze into a very danceable Step 2 3 4! 

Ben was involved in the first Latitude Festival in 2006 (programming and playing the first Music and Film Arena) and has played a main stage at Latitude on many occasions. More recently started the Woodbridge Art and Music Event (WAME) and started several DJ events locally (e.g. at East Coast Diner) and at the Riverside in Woodbridge.

He has several London residencies and was founder of the influential Noise of Art

Thanks Ben - See you at Woodbridge Wines on the Thoroughfare in Woodbridge for some afternoon mulled wine and live music and waltzing Friday 19th 3PM . . .

All of the remixes are available to download on Bandcamp and we are featuring one a day for the next five days . .  Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16: Waltzing at the Woolpack!

It was a perfect day to be performing Christmas Waltzes...

It was crisply cold, but the sun was shining bright and the fireside was cosy at the Woolpack pub in Ipswich on the 14th of December...

I was ably supported by my favourite local (dare I say the world!) artist with his fantastic, unpredictable prowess in front of an unsuspecting audience! He took to the stage and did not disappoint. you can check Jack out here -

Then.. I was joined by the great Kevin Walford on Guitar & vocals, Carl Best on percussion/heavy beats and master fiddler - Alex Richardson.

We were welcomed by lots of lovely people ready for the joys of Christmas to overwhelm them... singing Christmas favourites, culminating in the Christmas Waltze! footage of which you can see here.

Many thanks for to everyone who came and their support, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Keep Waltzing!! Phil x

Monday, December 15, 2014

Why the 'E' ??

Yes... Here it is... the answer to the question you've all been asking!
Why Phil, Why?? Why the E on the end of Waltze??

Well... I'll tell you...

It all started very innocently, since I was a child.. I'd heard waltz style beats in music, mostly through country and western, via my parents record collection..
as I've mentioned in previous blogs, at Christmas it was always Jim Reeves 12 songs of Christmas that would be played and this boasted many waltz style songs, hence the line - 'after the autumn leaves, I put on my ole Jim Reeves...'
Growing up, whenever I have needed to right the word 'Waltz' I was unaware in my innocence how it was properly spelt.. and so I felt in seeing it, it was unfinished as a word.. and so yes! I added the E and felt all the more better for it!
So... we've made The Christmas Waltze and everyone is contesting the E!
Well, I say this... my father was half German.. the waltz as a style was originated in Vienna and the word Waltz comes from the German 'Walzen' (so where's the 'T' I ask you!!) and on investigating there are different types of spelling throughout Europe.

Aaaaanyways... my connection is European.. that's my story and I'm sticking to it ;) and I like it with an E :) How do you like your waltz?

Hope you're all enjoying The Christmas Waltze

Phil x

Saturday, December 13, 2014

13: Flip mixes and rejigs, early mixes and downloads

TXDM team has put a few Flip mixes and rejigs, early mixes and downloads up on
Bandcamp for you to download

More info on our loverly remixers and mixers this week but meanwhile the
Woolpack release party
beckons - Suffolk types we hope to see you there ... Sunday 3PM

Come and dance the Christmas waltze ...

Bandcamp link >>

Woolpack release party >>

Download the single on iTunes

Friday, December 12, 2014

Live on Radio Suffolk with Stephen Foster

A lovely afternoon was had... being invited by the legend and wizard that is Foz (Stephen Foster) onto his drive time programme on BBC Radio Suffolk this very chilly afternoon! Jan came down from woodbridge tackling the trains again and we rocked the studio telling Foz our tale.. talking about the story of The Christmas Waltze, the remixes, the gigs, the 'E's and taking some silly pictures.. and... a sensible one... finishing off with Foz playing the Christmas Waltze Live to the masses!.. Gaaaaaawd Bless Ya Guv!... I mean Fozzy! x
We're 15 minutes in on the show, you can have a listen to the show right here!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The Sheet Music of the Christmas Waltze is available to download here . . .
and it's a GIFT to you . .  the gift of music!

Scored for Voice and Guitar - enjoy it and sing along ...

Click on this link and save as ...


Happy Waltzing everyone!

and don't forget to download the Christmas Waltze by Phil Jackson from iTunes or Amazon or CD Baby or Google Play etc.

Share it on Spotify and let's have everyone dancing the Christmas Waltz before Xmas!


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

09: News roundup from JaN

Where to begin?

Well I met Phil Jackson on the local open mic circuit.
Last July I was asked if i had any new xmas songs to pitch to a country artist in Nashville (I lived in Tennessee for many years) - I put the word out and Phil was the one who ’showed up’ 

We managed to pen what i think has the makings of a classic and decided to put together a grass roots release of a single and video for "The Christmas Waltze"

Tomorrow i’ll be uploading the sheet music - Hope you will make it part of your Xmas repertoire this year and in years to come you'll be singing and dancing 'The Christmas Waltze' (with an E but in G)

We have some great and wacky remixes from DJs Ben Osborne and Carl Best ( The stems are available if anyone else wants to have a go) and those will be posted in the next few days.

More interviews on BBC Radio Suffolk this Friday with Stephen Foster who has played the song everyday since it’s release on his drive time show! Thanks Stephen and thanks to Grahame and Richard too ...

Phil's playing a live show at the Woolpack in Ipswich on Sunday 14th and a Woodbridge mulled wine Friday afternoon 19th at 3PM

The single was mixed by George but others involved with alternative mixes include Darlene Love’s producer Seth Glassman and Nashville engineer Neal Merrick. We will be posting interviews with them all very soon and their mixes ... collector's items coming up!

There’s a lot to do before 25th . . . isn't there Santa?

Oh and don't forget to Video yourself dancing the Christmas Waltze and post it on YouTube or Vine

Thanks to everyone for your support


PS If you want to hear any of my other Christmas ditties with Happy Charles, Cyndi Lauper and a cast of cartoons go to

and you can follow my adventures on

Monday, December 8, 2014

Lyrics of The Christmas Waltze

It's time to all sing along!!! print your own copy and get learning :) we will be looking forward to you all singing along at upcoming gigs.

Here are the lyrics to The Christmas Waltze, written by Phil Jackson & Jan Pulsford.

The lyrics are an unveiling of long pining emotions and bittersweet memories of losing love and wishing for it to be the way it was, once... long, long ago.

The song was inspired initially by Jim Reeves, as this is what my Christmas' as a young boy always involved.. the sound of him was just Christmas to me. The other inspiration came from the authentic old time country waltz style of music, which was very dominant in early hillbilly, honky tonk and mountain music. Which I found a lot from listening to Jim Reeves, the Louvin Brothers and Jimmie Rodgers, to name a few of the pioneers.
The rest of it comes from just the classic heart wrenching feeling that Christmas brings me and others.. that hopefully you'll all recognise too.
None of this would have happened without Jan Pulsford lighting the touch paper, saying 'lets write a Christmas song for Nashville', giving my head, fingers and voice a direction to head in. With Jan co writing, we proceeded to form the story and song of the Christmas Waltze, molding it into something to warm the heart this Christmas and the next. We hope you enjoy! Look out for the story of the 'E'

The Christmas Waltze
written by Phil Jackson & Jan Pulsford
© copyright Phil Jackson & Jan Pulsford 2014
After the autumn leaves
I put on my ole Jim reeves
Thinkin' of Christmas gone by
I promise this year I wont cry
Cos all I remember at Christmas
Was dancing the waltze with you
Spinning around like two kids in love
when Christmas was made for us two
Step, two, three. Right, two, three
I'm left with memories
Dancing the waltze with you
Lighting the lights
Dipping the Cinnamon pine
That we used to love
Snowflakes are falling
Hanging the stars
I thought we'd always be here
Now all I remember at Christmas
Is dancing the waltze with you
spinning around like two kids in love
when Christmas was made for us two
Step, two, three. Right, two, three
I'm left with memories
Dancing the waltze with you
This old record skips like my heart
When I think of you and I being apart
(carol singers)
Ahhhhh Ahhhh
Now all I remember at Christmas
Is dancing the waltze with you
spinning around like two fools in love
when Christmas was just for us two
Now all I remember at Christmas
Is dancing the waltze with you
spinning around like two kids in love
when Christmas was made for us two
Step, two, three. Right, two, three
I'm left with memories
Dancing the waltze with you
Dancing the waltze with you

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Live At The Woolpack 14th December 3pm

Sunday the 14th December sees Phil Jackson and friends performing Live at The Woolpack in Ipswich. Promoting the new single and spreading Christmas cheer for all with performances of other christmas classics in the lovely, rustic atmosphere of one of Ipswich's oldest recorded public houses.
They have some of the best food and drink in town too ;)
check out the Woolpack here

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Official Video of 'The Christmas Waltze' by Phil Jackson

Steeped in old time country memories.. Phil Jackson takes you on a trip to Christmas' gone by.. reminiscing of loves lost and waltzes danced.. giving you a warm feeling of traditional Christmas' with footage and Waltzers long forgot.

All I remember at Christmas... is dancing the waltz with you x
all copyright Phil Jackson & Jan Pulsford
video by

Using footage from public domain

Friday, December 5, 2014

Jim Reeves at Christmas

All I Remember at Christmas...

Like everybody, my memories of Christmas are shaped by my parents bringing me up on certain things... Jim Reeves is what I remember most musically... every year the 'Jim Reeves 12 songs of Christmas' album of 1963 (arguably the best Christmas album ever) would come out and subsequently leave a stamp on my ears and senses forever more. It wasn't until in my late teens I would suddenly go back to Jim and find everything he ever sang, accepting him as a major influence.

From 'An Old Christmas Card' to 'The Merry Christmas Polka', it's all there in my head and ears :)

And so, here is my release, 'The Christmas Waltze'. Inspired by that Nashville sound of the late 50s, early 60s. Listen to the Jim Reeves 12 songs of Christmas

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Louvin Brother from Ipswich

Howdy :) This is Phil here, Merry Christmas to all! Many thanks for following this journey of the Christmas Waltze :)

Here's a little bit about me -

I'm 5'11'... I like to Rock n Roll... eat pizza... mince pies (I'm so refined)... and I also like bringing warm feelings of cosy, teary eyed heartache to people, through the medium (large?) of song.... a mouthful.

'awwwww' I hear you say...
Well there's the basics, use them as you will :)

I've been making music since I was a sprog after hearing Freddie Mercury & Queen and all their majesty...

Since then it's been a long trip through time and space...

a seemingly endless trip, holding that rewind button... finding the greatest music ever created, by (in most cases) long forgotten, un-regarded greats who in their day put people of today to shame.
Looking back, it seems there's a pattern... it's a very American pattern... and I realised it more so recently after speaking for the first time with the great Seth Glassman from New York and him remarking 'How do you sound so American?!'
I've found myself creating a song for Christmas based on maybe my favourite and longest lasting singing influence, Jim Reeves. Every Christmas, the Jim Reeves Christmas album was put on the turntable... and yes he's a waltzer ;)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 2: Waltzing through the airwaves

We made the treacherous journey by rail to BBC Suffolk to chat with Graham and Richard about the Christmas Waltz and give the first airing of the seasonal ditty ....

It's (nearly) Christmaaaaaaaaaaaas!

with Graeme and Richard 

Listen to the podcast ... it was a cold and damp day in Ipswich.

Then Suffolk's drive time Stephen Foster is playing the Christmas Waltze every evening this week for those of you driving home .... You could always learn to waltz while you are sat in traffic. Send us the video!

Follow all the Phil Jackson Christmas Waltze adventures on Facebook

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Christmas Waltze released today ...

The Christmas Waltze is available for download on CD baby today ...

iTunes and other digital download sites will be offering the Christmas Waltze later this week
along with a video and 25 days of the The Christmas Waltze advent calendar blog here.

Watch this space where we will be posting daily about such Christmas Waltze matters as
'The fiddler and the outhouse'
'Cinnamon pine' - myth or fact
'Who is greg?' - mixing legend and tinsel
'Did jim reeves write autumn leaves?'

Meanwhile learn to dance The Christmas Waltze  and send a video  to Phil on Facebook

Happy Waltzing!