Monday, December 15, 2014

Why the 'E' ??

Yes... Here it is... the answer to the question you've all been asking!
Why Phil, Why?? Why the E on the end of Waltze??

Well... I'll tell you...

It all started very innocently, since I was a child.. I'd heard waltz style beats in music, mostly through country and western, via my parents record collection..
as I've mentioned in previous blogs, at Christmas it was always Jim Reeves 12 songs of Christmas that would be played and this boasted many waltz style songs, hence the line - 'after the autumn leaves, I put on my ole Jim Reeves...'
Growing up, whenever I have needed to right the word 'Waltz' I was unaware in my innocence how it was properly spelt.. and so I felt in seeing it, it was unfinished as a word.. and so yes! I added the E and felt all the more better for it!
So... we've made The Christmas Waltze and everyone is contesting the E!
Well, I say this... my father was half German.. the waltz as a style was originated in Vienna and the word Waltz comes from the German 'Walzen' (so where's the 'T' I ask you!!) and on investigating there are different types of spelling throughout Europe.

Aaaaanyways... my connection is European.. that's my story and I'm sticking to it ;) and I like it with an E :) How do you like your waltz?

Hope you're all enjoying The Christmas Waltze

Phil x

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