Friday, December 19, 2014

Meet Za Beeba Man

So... who is Carl 'Beeba' Best?

Well.. he's a dam fine chap, one of my besties and all round musical creator.

He's also the guy that has brought us 2 very unique remixes of The Christmas Waltze which we love!
Thanks CarlE!!
you can find his remixes here, play and download -

Here's a bit more in depth on him.. and check out the Get To Know Beeb video! :)

Carl Best aka Beeba is a Suffolk based musician, producer, singer songwriter and freelance artist.
Working under the banner Beeba Productions, Carl specialises in Digital imagery, Photography, Design, Music production, Remixes and  song writing with many years experience in these creative fields.
Having purchased a guitar in his youth he has been producing music for the last 20 years and performing live for the last 10.
Likes cheese : favourite. Cheddar
Carl is currently working not only on solo material but with his band 99Echoes as well as  folk rock collective Busking for Breakfast.
Now working with Ambiel music on forthcoming releases and collaborating with various other artists, Beeba is continually trying to push not only his sonic boundaries but also to bring his sounds to a far wider audience.
Loves animals. Favourite. Sharks or crocs, can't decide.
With a dislike for pigeon holes and a penchant for sound manipulation, Beeba produces Electro/Pop/Punk/Alternative/Indie/Jungle with a little gravel thrown in.
Inspiration wise, strong beats, intelligent song writing, guitars, harmony and distortion are key components to the Beeba psyche and sound.
Hit me up for Remix or collaborational proposals :)
Be happy.

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