22 - Autumn Leaves

'After the Autumn Leaves.. I put on my ole Jim Reeves'

As you will know from hearing the song, this is the first line of 'The Christmas Waltze'.

This line was written after an association of thought, when thinking about Christmas arriving, the Autumn leaving.. listen to Jim Reeves every Christmas.. and the song itself 'The Autumn Leaves'.

A beautiful standard from way back in 1945, originally written in French "Les feuilles mortes" meaning dead leaves. It was subsequently re written in English and recorded by many many, classic artists such as Nat King Cole, Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, the list goes on... but, to my disappointment, not Jim Reeves... Then I recalled an amazing version from one of my other heroes and big influences Jerry Lee Lewis :)

So for your delight here is that fab version, play it Killer! and... also me and my tamer piano version of 'The Christmas Waltze' :)

Hope you enjoy, Phil x

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