03: Ipswich Brother

Howdy :) This is Phil here, Merry Christmas to all! Many thanks for following this journey of the Christmas Waltze :)

Here's a little bit about me - 

I'm 5'11'... I like to Rock n Roll... eat pizza... mince pies (I'm so refined)... and I also like bringing warm feelings of cosy, teary eyed heartache to people, through the medium (large?) of song.... a mouthful.

'awwwww' I hear you say...
Well there's the basics, use them as you will :)

I've been making music since I was a sprog after hearing Freddie Mercury & Queen and all their majesty... 

Since then it's been a long trip through time and space... 

a seemingly endless trip, holding that rewind button... finding the greatest music ever created, by (in most cases) long forgotten, un-regarded greats who in their day put people of today to shame.
Looking back, it seems there's a pattern... it's a very American pattern... and I realised it more so recently after speaking for the first time with the great Seth Glassman from New York and him remarking 'How do you sound so American?!'
I've found myself creating a song for Christmas based on maybe my favourite and longest lasting singing influence, Jim Reeves. Every Christmas, the Jim Reeves Christmas album was put on the turntable... and yes he's a waltzer ;)

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