Tuesday, December 9, 2014

09: News roundup from JaN

Where to begin?

Well I met Phil Jackson on the local open mic circuit.
Last July I was asked if i had any new xmas songs to pitch to a country artist in Nashville (I lived in Tennessee for many years) - I put the word out and Phil was the one who ’showed up’ 

We managed to pen what i think has the makings of a classic and decided to put together a grass roots release of a single and video for "The Christmas Waltze"

Tomorrow i’ll be uploading the sheet music - Hope you will make it part of your Xmas repertoire this year and in years to come you'll be singing and dancing 'The Christmas Waltze' (with an E but in G)

We have some great and wacky remixes from DJs Ben Osborne and Carl Best ( The stems are available if anyone else wants to have a go) and those will be posted in the next few days.

More interviews on BBC Radio Suffolk this Friday with Stephen Foster who has played the song everyday since it’s release on his drive time show! Thanks Stephen and thanks to Grahame and Richard too ...

Phil's playing a live show at the Woolpack in Ipswich on Sunday 14th and a Woodbridge mulled wine Friday afternoon 19th at 3PM

The single was mixed by George but others involved with alternative mixes include Darlene Love’s producer Seth Glassman and Nashville engineer Neal Merrick. We will be posting interviews with them all very soon and their mixes ... collector's items coming up!

There’s a lot to do before 25th . . . isn't there Santa?

Oh and don't forget to Video yourself dancing the Christmas Waltze and post it on YouTube or Vine https://vine.co/v/Ov12n2qL29E

Thanks to everyone for your support


PS If you want to hear any of my other Christmas ditties with Happy Charles, Cyndi Lauper and a cast of cartoons go to

and you can follow my adventures on

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